Who We Are

Doug Walcher Farms has been producing top quality vegetables under the D.R. Walcher brand since 1986. They grow, pack, and ship fresh, green bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and yellow squash from July through October. In late August they also begin shipping a full line of fall ornamentals, which include miniature gourds, orange and white mini-pumpkins, and ornamental corn and winter squashes.



Doug Walcher Farms, located in North Fairfield, Ohio, began its history in 1986 when Doug Walcher began farming vegetables on his father’s land. Starting with fall ornamentals, Doug successfully grew and marketed vegetables both locally and regionally to many markets east of the Mississippi River. Doug also helped his father run a successful U-pick peach orchard and attracted visitors and customers from as far as 250 miles away. To this day, we receive calls from people in August wondering when the peaches will be ready! Doug tried his hand at many different crops and in 1993 successfully grew his first bell pepper crop. Tragically, Doug was stricken with leukemia in 1998 and lost his valiant fight in November of 2002. Doug had sold to and worked with other local vegetable producers over the years and in the spring of 2003, the business was sold to the owners of Holthouse Farms — Ken, Keven, Kirk and Steve.


Looking Ahead

Doug Walcher Farms is now specialized in bell peppers, cucumbers, summer squash, eggplant, winter squashes and fall ornamentals. The company grows, packs and ships vegetables from their own fields as well as from many other local contracted growers totaling over 1,500 acres from six states. The diversity of growing areas insures a consistent supply for their customers. In 2012, Doug Walcher Farms improved upon their already robust food safety program and became Primus GFS certified in the packing plant. Doug Walcher Farms prides themselves on quality, reliability and continuous improvement to insure their customers receive the safest, local food.